New things coming in

Well the Infinity order is on it’s way from Spain. We’ll keep you updated as to it’s progress. Let’s hope that Basque separatists don’t slow things down this time. Hey, at least the books and minis didn’t have that smoky smell… Our Flames of War order is going out soon. Make sure your have your […]

New stuff to tell you all about.

Dropping anchor at Imagine is a motley crew of scoundrels and ruffians of the most disreputable sort, and no, we’re not talking about our customers. Fresh from the tumultuous seas of the Iron Kingdoms come the Pirates of the Broken Coast, the newest expansion for Warmachine! New ‘jacks, ‘casters, and a whole array of ruthless […]

A few new things in the store.

Sorry it’s been a while since we did an update here but we’ve been insanely busy. Let’s see; MANY Indy press games in, including; Secret lives of Gingerbread men. What else can you say about a role playing game where your character sheet really IS an anthropomorphic cookie? Spirit of the Century; where you play […]