Metro News helps us help Doctors Without Borders

Metro News has posted an article covering our upcoming Pandemic Party to benefit Doctors Without Borders in their fight against Ebola. A Winnipeg game and hobby shop is hoping some fun and games can help the ongoing battle to stop Ebola. Imagine Games and Hobbies has organized a tournament of the Canadian board game Pandemic […]

2014 Steamroller for Warmachine/Hordes!

With the release of the 2014 Steamroller rules it seems like a perfect time to run the first event of the year! First, here is the link to the rules: And here are the event details: Date: Feb 1, 2014 (Saturday) Place: Imagine Games and Hobbies Time: First round starts at noon No entrance fee […]

and the winner is…

Ron Bowes is the proud new owner of the sword from our sword draw. Congatulations. Thanks everybody who left comments, it was really flattering and we plan to continue earning your praise and get bigger and better in the future. Thanks, Wendy, Pedro and family

D&D day demos!

D&D day is June 7th, but why wait until then? We have our very own Rick Neal, celebrated game author, doing demos of the new 4th edition Dungeons and Dragons! When? May 24th and 31st. Starting at 1pm and a second demo later on. What to bring? Nothing at all! We will provide what you […]

Prairie Con

Prairie Con tickets are now on sale and we’ve got ’em. June 6-8 in Brandon, pretty much every game you can think of and more. Lots of prizes and really affordable. $15 for over 14 and $5 for under. We have the programs so you can check out what games are going on, and they’re […]

Safety in the Exchange District

The Exchange District, in the past, had a bad reputation and unfortunately that reputation is still in the minds of some people. In the last ten years, the area has become a clean, well-lit vibrant part of the city with wonderful restaurants, cafes and stores -like us! There are many artists who live and work […]

Warmachine and Hordes Night

Imagine Games will be open late on Thursday nights for Warmachine and Hordes League. We will be open until 9:00 starting March 6, Extra special thanks to Chris A. for organizing the League, so you know it’s going to be fun. More details to follow so keep posted.

Miniatures on sale!

If you’ve been thinking of picking up some minis, now’s the time. We have Confrontation minis from Rackham on for 50% off (yes that includes the HUGE dragon at the front) we also have War gods of Aegyptus and Magnificent Ego’s minis for 30% off. Hey with all these minis being sold for so cheap, […]