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Our Sibling!

So, it seems we have a sister store, who knew!
IMAGINE! Hobbies and Games


Warmachine and Hordes MASSIVE RESTOCK!

Posted by Perry - 07/24/14

Are you a Warmachine or Hordes player?


 Then you need to know that we carry a LOT of figures, books, tokens and what not for all your Warmachine or Hordes needs! And we just got a LOAD of stock in of core figures and box sets.

 pile of boxes


OH! And all gargantuan figures are 20% off right now!!

Warmachine gargantuan Warmachine gargantuan2

So if you’re just starting out, or need to bulk up your units, now’s the time to drop on by!


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New Stock! July 22, 2014

Posted by Perry - 07/22/14

Hey folks, it’s been a while since we’ve had a stock update. Remember, we try to keep our shelves supplied every week with the latest and greatest, but if  you don’t see a game you want just let us know and we might be able to bring it in!

These are some of the games we got in last week (restock and new stock): Flash Point, Rex, Room 25, Splendor, Stone Age, Robinson Crusoe, Ugg-Tect, Sentinels of the Multiverse, and Relic.

Flash Point Rex room 25Splendor stone age RobinsonCrusoe ugg-tect Sentinels core game Relic


Three games I’d like to specifically spotlight for you. First off, a brand new game through Z-Man: SULTANIYA


“The sultan has issued a decree: Whoever can build the most amazing palace in the city of Sultaniya will be made Grand Vizier. Become a character from 1001 Arabian Nights and build graceful minarets, dazzling gates and soaring cupolas to draw the eye of the sultan and carve your name in history. Players will carefully select the best building tiles to erect the most impressive structures, scoring points for following patterns and fulfilling secret objectives. Earn sapphires, and use them to secure the services of the mighty Djinn, whose aid will be invaluable in your quest to create the most stunning palace the city has ever seen.” – from (check out the site for pictures of the game pieces!)

Our second spotlight game is CITY OF REMNANTS.

city of remnants

“Hot rain falls down upon a cold, rotting city. Here the Yugai, a species of militant humanoids, leave the survivors of the worlds they have ransacked and destroyed. It is a prison and a work camp, a place for those who lived through Yugai invasion to live out their remaining years as slaves. This is Gatorum, the City of Remnants.

In City of Remnants, players take on the roles of gang leaders, each one with unique qualities and motivations. Players will struggle to control the city, but only the winner can decide the city’s future. Many paths to victory lie before you. Bid for gang members who provide a variety of shady skills. Get an edge with weapons and other sundries from the black market. Build districts that can provide you with advantages, production and income, but beware because a greedy opponent might sweep in and take over the work of your own hands.

City of Remnants combines strong resource management, auction, and conversion mechanisms with spatial tactics, assymetric player powers, area control and direct conflict. A variety of tools, different every game, are at your disposal to build up your gang and claim the city for yourself. But watch out for the Yugai police force, who will meddle with everyone’s plans!” – from (Go check out the site for more information, and pictures of the box interior!)

Our Third spotlight game is RIVET WARS!

Rivet Wars

“Rivet Wars is a miniatures boardgame that springs forth from the warped imagination of Ted Terranova – set on a world that never quite left World War I but with crazy technology like walking tanks, diesel powered armor, unicycled vehicles and armor plated cavalry!

Don’t let the cute visuals fool you, it’s a world full of angst, war-torn camaraderie and dark humor.

Rivet Wars is at its heart a strategy game, with both players deploying units each round to counter the threats set forth by their opponent and stay one tactical step ahead.Heavily influenced by Ted’s experience working on RTS games like Rise of Nations, players gather resources (bunkers and capture points) and use these to deploy streams of new units!There’s an ebb and flow on the tactical landscape and you can stock up surprises for your opponent to be unleashed even as he thinks he’s winning!

Box Contents: 38 highly-detailed plastic miniatures • 34-page rulebook • 16 stat cards • 2 stat dashboards • 24 Action! cards • 10 Secret Mission cards • 9 double-sided tiles • 1 tracking tile • 6 bunker markers • 6 strategic objective markers • 6 minefield markers • 6 tank trap markers • 6 razor wire Markers • 12 flag tokens • 5 gas plastic markers • 4 victory plastic markers • 24 damage plastic markers • 6 six-sided dice”
- from (take a look at the site for more information and pictures of contents)

Drop on by and look at all the goodies, board games, card games, miniature games, and surplus!


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M15 Drops July 18, 2014!

Posted by Perry - 07/17/14

Don’t forget!! The new Core Set for Magic the Gathering is available to purchase on:

Friday, JULY 18, 2014!
mtg 2015a

We’ve got Fat Packs, Intro Packs, Booster Packs, and Two-Player Clash Packs!

And remember, we sell a full box of Booster Packs for 15% off retail, AND you’ll receive a special Goblin Rabblemaster card!!

So drop by Friday and get yourself kitted up.

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MtG 2015 Core Set PreRelease Event!!

Posted by Perry - 06/26/14

July 13, 2014
6:00 pmto8:00 pm

It’s coming, and you need to be prepared - the 2015 Core Set for Magic!
We’re holding a special prerelease event with prizes, food and fun!

mtg 2015d

Sunday, July 13, 6:00pm
Registration: $30

mtg 2015b

Drop on by the store and preregister your spot today, or drop on by on that Sunday.
If we get 12+ people, we’ll order in Pizza! (and we’re 100% sure we will).

See you there! And bring your warface…
mtg 2015c

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Who’s the BOSS?

Posted by Perry - 06/10/14

June 21, 2014
12:00 pmto5:00 pm


Warmachine/Hordes, “Who’s the Boss” battle!

Which warcaster will you use? Will they be a help, or a hindrance?!

When: Saturday, June 21, 12 noon
Where: Right Here silly! At Imagine Games & Hobbies!
Size: 35 pts
Entrance Fee: $5

Check out our Facebook Event Page here for more information about the event construction.

Contact Mike Haire at with any questions.
(please put “Who’s the Boss Question” in the Subject line)
Also, keep your eyes here on this website, and our Facebook page, for updates.

Show them who’s boss on June 21.
warmachine boss2

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X-Wing: Assault on Imdaar Alpha Tournament!

Posted by Perry - 05/28/14

June 1, 2014
12:00 pmto6:00 pm

X-Wing Assault on Imdaar

Imagine Games & Hobbies will be  hosting the
Assault on Imdaar Alpha tournament!

Time: 12:00 to 6:00pm
(doors open at 11:00am)
Entry Fee: $10
Build Points: 100 + Special (see below!)

PRIZES Include:
X-Wing Assault on IA3

1st Place – First choice of one Assault on Imdaar Alpha preview starship expansion!
2nd Place – Second choice of one Assault on Imdaar Alpha preview starship expansion!
3rd Place – Third choice of one Assault on Imdaar Alpha preview starship expansion!
4th Place – Fourth choice of one Assault on Imdaar Alpha preview starship expansion!
Top 16 – One commemorative Bandit Squadron Pilot with extended art

X-Wing Assault on IA2

Please see the Fantasy Flight Games site for their official tournament rules and information on the Assault on Imdaar tournament. In summary: we will be playing a Dogfight event, 100 point squads - players are required to supply their own ships, cards, dice, range ruler and maneuver templates (ship, base and card proxies are not allowed). The designated Tournament Organizer will review all squads prior to the tournament, and players will use that squad for the duration of the entire tournament. Tournament rounds will be 60 minutes. At the end of the preliminary rounds the top TWO players will set aside their personal squads and command new squads they build with the featured Wave IV starfighters!

All Players need to bring extra ships in case they make it into the top two. Ships will not be supplied.

Check in at the store to preregister: Only 14 slots available!

Hope to see you out!

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MtG: Journey Into Nyxx Game Day, May 25

Posted by Perry - 05/13/14



Journey into Nyx Game Day includes the ninth and final quest of the Hero’s Path: Defeat a God. It’s also another opportunity for players to use the Hero cards they’ve collected from previous Theros, Born of the Gods, and Journey into Nyx events. And just as importantly, battle your peers in a Swiss-style tournament for the ultimate playmat prize!

Join us on SUNDAY, May 25 right here at the store, for an official MtG Game Day tournament, and have some extra fun while pitting your deck against the latest Challenge Deck.

When: Sunday, May 25
Time: 1:oopm to 6:00pm
Registration Cost: $5
Tournament Style: Swiss-style with a Standard Deck.

Prizes include:
1st Place: Journey into Nyx Champion playmat
Top 8: Dictate of Kruphix prize cards
Participation: Squelching Leeches card!


 Journey into Nyx Dictate  Journey into Nyx leeches

If you decide to test your mettle against the Challenge Deck, you will receive The Champion and the Hall of Triumph cards! There is no extra fee to fight the Challenge Deck (included in your $5 registration).

Journey into Nyx the champion  journey into nyx hall of triumph

Drop by the store and preregister today. Hope to see you out!


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MtG: Journey into Nyx launch weekend!

Posted by Perry - 05/2/14

Journey into Nyx logo

Hey MtG folks! Don’t forget that this weekend is the release of Journey into Nyx!

We’ve got all your goodies for you here:
Booster Packs: $3.99 each
Booster Box: $122.50
Fat Packs: $39.99
Intro Packs: $14.99

Journey into Nyx

Get yours today!

And check HERE for more information on the the backstory to Nyx.

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X-Wing Store Championship – Statistics and Pictures

Posted by Perry - 04/24/14

It’s been a while coming, but here are some pictures from our X-Wing Store Championship event that took place on Sunday, April 13, 2014. We had 12 people register and put their squads to the test. Biggs squared off against Vader. Vader squared off against Wedge. And Wedge squared off against…WEDGE!


We played four rounds, and I’ve posted the results of each round below for everyone’s enjoyment.

There were cheers of joy and cries of anguish and all in all a lot of fun. In the end, there could be only one:
Byron Mudry emerged triumphant with his rebel squad!
Second place went to Chris Allen, third place to Ty Storey, and fourth place to Michael Haire.

Thanks to everyone who came out! Click HERE for the photo album and sport star stats!



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Android Netrunner Store Championship!

Posted by Perry - 04/15/14

April 28, 2014
1:00 pmto5:00 pm

Netrunner Banner

Imagine Games and Hobbies will be running
an Android Netrunner store championship event!

When: Sunday, April 27
Time: Doors open at noon, first game at 1:00pm sharp
Cost: $10
# of rounds: Variable depending on number of players (3 rounds minimum)

Prizes include:

 Netrunner 2014 prizes

  • Store Champion: Store Championship 2014 Playmat + deckbox + Store Championship Plaque + 1 bye in any Regional Championship.
  • Runnerup: Store Championship 2014 Playmant + deckbox
  • 3rd and 4th Place: Store Championship Playmat
  • Participation: All players who participate will receive an alternate Kati Jones card at the end of the event!

Other Details: 
The event will follow standard tournament rules for Android: Netrunner tournaments, available on the Fantasy Flight Website HERE). All you need to play is a Runner and Corp deck and tokens.

Preregister now at the store! We hope to see you out.

UPDATE (April 17):

So with the release of the new tournament rules I should let everyone know that the Imagine Store Championship will be classified as a competitive event (see the definition below, it’s still very beginner friendly). It will still be a normal swiss style tournament of about 4 rounds as well. There’s a sign up sheet at the front counter of the store or feel free to call or message them to put your name on there. We’re up to 6 already with plenty of room for more!

Competitive Event:
Competitive events require players to have general knowledge of a game’s rules. While experienced players will come to these events to compete for prizes, players should not be punished for their lack of understanding in the finer points of Android: Netrunner rules. Players can come to these events expecting a consistent experience from store to store. This tier includes Store Championships and unique, one-off events such as the X-Wing™ Wave 4 Assault at Imdaar Alpha event or the Android: Netrunner Chronos Protocol Tour.

And of course, here’s a LINK to the new FAQ and Tournament rules, for everyone to peruse.

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