After 10 years

Imagine Games and Hobbies is closing their doors. We'll be here for the rest of the year so come on down and get some great clearance deals!Nov. 19th will be our final Warmachine and Hordes Tournament complete with giveaways and cookies. and in December we will host our final Winnipeg Harvest Game Day with tons […]

Wpg Harvest Game

Only a few more days till the Wpg Harvest Game Day! So many cookies to be eaten!! We will be running: Feng Shui 2 -Be a Hong Kong action hero and save Santa. Rick is a fantastic DM and always runs a fun game -slots still available so please sign up! Imperial Assault, Last Night […]

We’ve got more SLEEVES!

We’ve got some new stock in store. Including some great looking card sleeves: And we’ve also just received some great Doctor Who merchandise, like Risk, clue and yahtzee! (look at that adorable Tardis and Dalek Yahtzee cup…can’t you just envision those on your desk at work!)

Halloween Sale

Due to miscommunication, Imagine won’t be at C4 this year. So in lieu of seeing you there, we are having a sale! 15% off everything in the store Friday, Saturday and Sunday! (excluding consignment items) While you’re here, check out our clearance shelves at “I need the space” prices. While you’re at C4, say hello […]

Our X-wing league starts tomorrow Thursday September 10th. Games will start between 5:30 and 6pm, there will be 2 roundsĀ each night and we will meet every other Thursday night, 100 point builds and the entry fee is $5. After 6 sessions there will be a tournament to wrap up the season.   This is a […]

Netrunner Spring Tournament

Hey all Netrunners! This Saturday, starting at noon, we’ll be holding our Spring Tournament! Entry is $5, and prizes include the Spring Kit (seen here) PLUS other nifty extra prizes!! You can sign up before Saturday, or just show up. All decks (including the new Breaker Bay) are legal for play.  

Dragons of Tarkir Game Day!

Imagine Games & Hobbies is celebrating the Dragons of Tarkir Game Day, and we’re inviting YOU to join us for all the fun! Entry is only $5 and you get a pack of cards, and a Scaleguard Sentinels participation card (while supplies last). Format will be “Standard”, with Swiss-style of play to determine the top […]